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Apr 26

Future Tech and the Future of Communications

Explore what ‘the Future of work’ means for the communications profession.


May 17

May 2018 Spring Social

Join Us for Our Annual Spring Social Networking Event


Welcome to the IABC New Jersey site.

IABC NJ is the New Jersey chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). With more than 200 members, IABC NJ is the leading community for NJ-based communicators to network with, learn from and recognize each other.  At IABC NJ, communicators can join their peers to meld their knowledge and experience, growing their skills and enhancing their success.

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Highlights of Our February Event - Dollars & Sense: Effectively Communicating Financial Results

If you’re like most professional communicators, you hate working with financial figures, let alone having to write about them. We deal in words, not numbers. But numbers can tell a story too. And financial figures can be the key to unlocking the story of
02/21/2018 | jmoldave@moldave-cook.com | 0
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Staying Social - Media Relevant in the New Year

My New Year’s topic:  How do we, as communicators, stay relevant with regard to our social media outreach? At New Years, we set goals for ourselves that are somewhat uncomfortable, hoping that we’ll stretch and adjust to them.
01/13/2018 | jmoldave@moldave-cook.com | 3
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Expanding your connections in the IABC community

What do you want to do when you grow up? When you were asked that question years ago, did you tell people you wanted to be a writer? A designer? A creative person? A strategist?
05/18/2017 | jmoldave@moldave-cook.com | 0
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